Maintenance Department

Maintenance, SWA was established in early 1970 as a maintenance section of Estates Department of the University of Nairobi. In 1984, during the formation of USAB, Maintenance section was upgraded to a full Department under USAB Estates Manager until when SWA was formed in 1989.

Currently maintenance is considered as a Department within SWA charged with the responsibility of maintaining all the Physical facilities within the entire SWA SMUs, administratively under Director, SWA and Technically under Manager Construction and Maintenance. The offices are located in CCU building where we have the central workshop.


Under the Maintenance Officer, SWA supported by Maintenance Foreman and Trade foremen, this Department is a key service Department charged with the responsibility of maintaining all Students Welfare Authority physical facilities such as catering and accommodation for the (students halls of residence) including offices and other physical facilities.

 The process of maintaining these facilities can take various formats:

  • Through formal requests by the user department/strategic management units by filling the Maintenance Request form (commonly referred to as M1).
  • Through recognition by the Department for a need to repair; or
  • Through an emergency to which the section is alerted to or notices in course of normal duty such as a pipe breakage or power outage. In this case the Department fixes the problem immediately except where new materials would be required
  • As a performance contract target
  • As planned  or preventive maintenance

In most cases, the process of maintenance on receiving an M1 would start with taking specifications through technical staff moving to site and identifying the required correction and/or material. The identified requirements are submitted to Procurement Department, SWA whose responsibility would be to supply them to the Department upon which repair/maintenance process commences. On completion, and after making sure that the area is cleared of any debris and making good any damage occasioned during the process, the completed work is handed over after the user certifies that he/she is satisfied with the work. If not, further work to the satisfaction of the user continues.

The Department is headed by

Mr Mugo James M  – Maintenance Officer

Assisted by:

Mr. Evanson Waiharo – Trade foreman

Mr. Cornelius Ndungu – Trade foreman

Mr. Patrick Mutie – Electrician

Mr Mutuva Abenmus Mutua – Carpenter

Mr Kamau Joseph G  – Carpenter

Mr Kiraithe Bedford Miriti  – Welder

Mr Njoroge John M – Welder

Mr Kuria Peter Mwangi – Plumber

Mr Waiharo Samuel Kimani - Plumber

Mr Munyao Edward M - Mason

Mr Muiruri Peter Njunge  -  Mason

Mr Ngunjiri Patrick M - Mason

Mr Otieno Argwings Kodhek -  Assistant Artisan

Kelly Njiru Njata - Drainage Sweeper

Mbagare George N - Carpenter

Muasya James M - Carpenter/Joiner

Chege Robertson - Electrician

Okungu Peter O - Electrician

Maina Richard G - Sweeper