The Student Welfare Authority exists to support the academic objectives of the University of Nairobi by providing a comprehensive, competent and responsible catering and accommodation system, which enables students to pursue their academic objectives in the most enjoyable manner possible. SWA is responsible for the proper management of catering and residential services to students.

For proper management and quick customer service SWA has decentralized its operations into 11 Strategic Management Units referred to as SMUs. The SMUs are Mamlaka, Women’s Hall, Upper State House, Lower State House, Kenyatta Medical School Hostel, Kikuyu, Upper Kabete, Lower Kabete, Parklands, Kenya Science and Chiromo.

Currently every SMU is headed by SMU Coordinator who is responsible for day to day running of the SMU. SWA has two major departments which provides services to students and other customers. It is supported by other auxiliary departments of finance, personnel, security and procurement to enhance service delivery.

Overall purpose of SWA is to contribute in nurturing students into responsible citizens and leaders in line with University mission of producing holistic graduates.



Accommodation services is one the major department in SWA. The Halls department in providing accommodation services have to comply with the CUE standards. It is not possible to accommodate all students who get admitted to the University and admission to UON is not determined by bed capacity.

Room allocation process is automated through an online system called Hostel Management Information System (HAMIS). The system includes online room application and allocation which make the process transparent, accountable, traceable, equitable and fair. Students must apply for accommodation online and within the stipulated time lines. In the halls department there is the Halls Officer who is responsible for proper management of accommodation services. The Halls Officer is assisted by Assistant Halls Officer. Other cadres of staff in Halls Department are Halls Assistants, Custodians (both night and day) and cleaners.

Students are expected to adhere to Tenancy agreements to ensure safety and security. Students are prohibited in illegally subletting or accommodating unauthorized persons even if they are students of the University of Nairobi who are not accommodated. The offence attracts severe penalty and disciplinary actions against perpetrators.

Halls staff in each unit attend to students needs at the halls level by enforcing rules and regulations in the halls of residence. Recreational facilities include indoor games, DSTV, internet, where possible. Prayer rooms are also availed to students where possible upon requests

A key feedback avenue is currently via email to

 A customer care desk has been set at Deputy Director’s office


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