SWA comprises of a Governing Board, managers as well as administrative and support staff. The SWA Board is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University as its chairman. The board is responsible for developing residential service policies; strategic planning, policy implementation and day to day management are carried out by managers, chief officers and staff of SWA under the guidance of the Director.

The Director is the Administrative Head of SWA and is responsible for all aspects of strategic planning and operations including the quality of students residential life, food, services, custodial services and coordination of support functions

To achieve its goals SWA is divided into major departments as follows:

  1. Secretariat
  2. Catering Department
  3. Halls Department
  4. Finance Department
  5. Security Department
  6. Maintenance Department


This is the Headquarters where the Director and his chief officers operate in coordinating the operations of SWA.

The Chief Officers are as follows

  • Director
  • Deputy Director's
  • Deputy Finance Officer
  • Chief Personnel Officer
  • Principal Catering Officer
  • Chief Halls Officer
  • Customer Relations Officer
  • Deputy Procurement Manager
  • Assistant Chief Internal Auditor
  • Campus Security Chief
  • Maintenance Officer

Each department is an integral part of the entire SWA system which, in proper policy formulation SWA has the following Committee

SWA Board

 This is chaired by the Vice Chancellor


SWA Executive Committee

The Director chairs this Committee with the membership of the Chief officers


SWA Management Committee

 This is also chaired by the Director and has a membership of all Chief Officers and all SMU Managers with one student representative (Secretary, Accommodation, Health and catering)


The stakeholders of SWA are the following: -

  •  University of Nairobi Management
  •  Public through the Public Investments Committee
  •  Students (UON)
  •  Donor agencies with vested interests
  •  Parents of students