The unit is situated at Main Campus on the lower side of State House Road and is bordered by the Students Sick Bay, the Chancellor’s court and YMCA. It comprises halls 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, State House Road Hostel, Kitchen One and the Central Catering Unit and houses male students from various colleges

SMU Staff.

The SMU Manager is

Dr. Mike Chepkonga

The manager is assisted by the following officers;

Mr. Nzoka Robinson Mulwa- SMU Halls Officer


Mr Onchuki Johnson B - Messenger



Lower State House Catering Section is headed by;

Catering Officer

The Catering Officer is assisted by the following staff members;

Muiru W Jane - Assistant Cateress

Mwangangi Jeniffer - Head Cook

Atieno Ann E - Senior Cook

Njoroge N Jane - Cook

Ondieki Elizabeth - Cook

Wangulu Mariko - Cook

Chamakany Tom - Cook

Kudza N Karisa - Cook

Kamau N Reuben - Dining Hall Supervisor

Wachuri M Lydia - Dining Hall Attendant

Oredo Francis - Dining Hall Atendant

Simon Christopher K - Kitchen Assistant

Munyao K Patrick - Kitchen Assistant

Makau Paul - Storekeeper



Lower State House road is headed by;

SMU Accountant   

The SMU Accountant is assisted by the following officers;

Mercy Ikunyua - Assistant Accoutant

William Simanto - Cashier



The Halls Section in Lower State House SMU is headed by;

Mr. Nzoka Robinson Mulwa - Halls Officer

The Halls Officer is assisted by the following members of staff;

Muthoni Purity - Halls Assistant

Nasiali N Charles - Halls Assistant

Mwangi W Mary - Custodian

Kibe Geoffrey - Custodian

Kurgat K Robert - Custodian

Kongo Mutua - Custodian

Mutuva M Henry - Custodian

Mwaura Elias G - Custodian

Muchiri Peter - Custodian

Njoroge N Peter - Custodian

Khureba Roseline N - Custodian

Kahendi Violet - Custodian

Mukangula Wycliffe - Custodian

Arungu K Trezina - Custodian

Ithima M James - Custodian

Ithiria Edward R - Custodian

Komora Asaph L - Custodian

Githinji S Monicah - Housekeeper

Owalo A Leah - Cleaner

Mmboroki K Everlyne - Cleaner

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