This unit is situated at the Chiromo Campus, one kilometer from Main Campus. Resident students are mainly senior students of the College of Biological and Physical Sciences and students taking Pre – Clinical Sciences.


The Manager is;

Dr Muriuki John Nyogore


The manager is assisted by the following officers;

Mrs. Stella Okemwa - SMU Halls Officer

Okong'o Violet - SMU Catering Officer

Simon Njuguna - SMU Accountant

Mwalimu I. Lucy - Messenger



 The Catering Section at Chiromo SMU is headed by;

Okong'o Violet - Catering Officer

The Catering Officers are assisted by the following members of staff;

Gathuma N N Gladwin - Senior Cook

Waithira Caroline N - Senior Cook

Ombogo O Fredrick - Cook

Nyaribo Dipporah K - Cook

Ondicho N Hellen - Cook

Odudu Janet - Cook

Ongongo Patrick L - Dinning Hall Attendant

Gatoru Michael - Dining Hall Checker

Mwangi M Simon - Kitchen Assistant

Alwang'a Godfrey - Kitchen Assistant

Mololo B Issac - Kitchen Assistant

Obaire M Beatrice - Kitchen Assistant

Matole Mwahunga - Procurement Clerk



The SMU Finance Section is headed by;

Simon Njuguna - Accountant

The SMU Accoutant is assisted by;

Dennis Abija - Assistant Accountant

Zipporah Kanini - Cashier


CHIROMO SMU HALLS SECTION:                    

Chiromo SMU Halls Secion is headed by;

Mrs. Stella Okemwa - Halls Officer

The Halls Officer is assisted by the following members of staff;

Patrice Lumumba Muyagane - Assistant Halls Officer

Justus Reginah M - Custodian

Kinyanjui M Michael - Custodian

Olango S Joyce - Custodian

Ndungu N Mary - Custodian

Mwangi W. Esther - Cleaner

Wamuyu N Pauline - Cleaner

Kinywa Abila Peter - Cleaner

Gitungo. Beatrice - Cleaner

Opole A. Mary - Cleaner

Odhiambo A Siprosa - Cleaner

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