Catering Department is another major department providing catering services to students of the University of Nairobi. SWA provides catering services to students through kitchens and Cafeterias spread in all campuses managed by competent staff working under the Principal Catering Officer. 

Resident students are automatically considered for the pay-as-you eat (PAYE) catering services programme, which provides 21 meals per week from Monday to Sunday. The dining halls are open for three meals per day. To supplement the regular dining hall services, there are outside catering points in most SMUs, which are open and offer services continuously.

The catering department has kitchens namely Mamlaka, K-one, Women’s hall kitchen, Chiromo, Parklands, Lower Kabete Kitchen, Tana Kitchen, Kenya Science Kitchen, Kikuyu Campus students’ kitchen, and KMSH

All meals are  heavily subsidized  using the Pay As You Eat system. Payments are made through Mpesa

SWA also has Cafeterias such as Varsity, Chiromo café, Comcare and Dental

The kitchen serves the students and other customers as follows:

  • Breakfast 6.00am to 9.00
  • Lunch 12.00noon- 3.00pm
  • Dinner 6.00pm-8.30pm
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