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Resident students are automatically considered for the pay-as-you eat (PAYE) catering services programme, which provides 21 meals per week from Monday to Sunday. The dinning halls are open for three meals per day. To supplement the regular dinning hall services, there are outside catering points in most SMUs, which are open and offer services continuously from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Catering Department Staff:

Mrs Okeyo Elizabeth M O  – Ag. Principal Catering Officer

Ms Kariuki Susan - Deputy Principal Catering Officer (Main Campus)

Ms Muchere Salome - Deputy Principal Catering Officer (Outside Campuses)

Ms Birundu Vane - Deputy Principal Catering Officer (IGUs Events and Conferencing)

Ms Indeche Celestina - Secretary


The Catering Administrative team are assisted by Catering Officers in all the eleven SMUs spread in all the campuses of the University


SMU Catering Officers


Catering Officer, Women's Hall SMU


Mr Kennedy Nyariki  - Catering Officer

Ms Wangari Florence - Catering Officer, KSC SMU


Catering Officer, Lower Kabete SMU

Ms Christine Njeri Munyua  - Catering Officer, Chiromo SMU


Catering Officer, LSHR SMU


Catering Officer, KMSH SMU

Ms Elizabeth Njoga - Catering Officer, Kikuyu SMU


Catering Officer, Parklands SMU


Mrs.Kamonjo Mary Nyambura - Catering Officer, Upper Kabete SMU

Mrs. Ruth Lumumba - Catering Officer, Mamlaka SMU


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