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The Halls department is the largest department within the Students Welfare Authority with a workforce of approximately 250 members of staff and running a total of 78 individual hall units, 11 Strategic Management Units with a total bed capacity of 11, 539 spread over the six constituent Colleges of the University of Nairobi.


To ensure a transparent, fair and accountable room allocation process the department has adopted an on-line Halls Management Information System–HAMIS and is working closely with the offices of the Special Students Advisor (SSA) and the Dean of Students.


Students  who are out of session, Module II students and postgraduates may be considered for accommodation whenever there is excess capacity in the system.


Halls Department Staff:


Chief Halls Officer's Office

Mr Odera Simeon O – Chief Halls Officer

Zadock Opole - Deputy Chief Halls Officer (HAMIS)

Ms. Namachanja Norah S - Deputy Chief Halls Officer (Operations)

Mrs. Ndungu Agnes N  – Secretary CHO’s Office

Mr. Burugu Stephen Kaboi – Halls Assistant, CHO’s Office

Halls Officers in the Eleven SMUs:

Mr. Onchweri Charles W A  - Halls Officer, KMSH SMU

Ms. Ireri Adrine Bernice Wanja  - Halls Officer Chiromo Campus SMU

Ms. Sikuku Inviolata A  - Halls Officer, Women's Hall

Mr. Kilonzi David  - Halls Officer Mamlaka SMU

Ms. Nyabinge Janet - Halls Officer, Parklands Campus SMU

Mr. Omondi Jack Kennedy Richard - Halls Officer, LSHR SMU

Mr. Nzoka Robinson Mulwa - Halls Officer- Night supervisor

Mr. Ogal Wycliffe O -Halls Officer, Kenya Science SMU

Ms. Esther Mwongo - Ag. Halls Officer Upper State House Road SMU

Mr. Akanga Johnstone O  - Halls Officer, Kikuyu SMU

Mrs. Mwangi Lucy Wairimu - Halls Officer, Lower Kabete SMU


Assistant Halls Officers:

Mr. Wepukhulu Calistus F  - Assist. Halls Officer, W/Hall SMU


Miss Oyuko Lavender Rose Atieno - Assistant Halls Officer, KMSH SMU

Ms. Makewa Rose Minoo   - Assistant Halls Officer, LSHR SMU

Mr. Patrice Lumumba Muyagane - Assistant Halls Officer, USHR SMU


During the 2013/2014 academic year, the University admitted several students with special needs and the department is exploring how best to meet their needs in line with the SWA core value of responsiveness to the needs of students with special needs.


In order to meet Performance Contract (PC) targets SMUs are undertaking landscaping projects that are aimed at improving the asethetics of the halls.


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