Lower Kabete SMU visits Nairobi Children's Remand Home

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Wed, 2014-04-02 (All day)
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Wed, 2014-07-23 (All day)
Lower Kabete

Friday 22nd of June 2012 marked a turning point not only to Lower Kabete SWA staff, but also to the less fortunate of a neighbouring Kabete Children’s Home. Under the stewardship of Lower Kabete SMU Manager Mrs. Stella Okemwa, it was a memorable day where staff chose to put aside their daily assignments for a chance to mingle, encourage and give hope to the less fortunate. A day that left a silently beckoning well wishers heart felt touch, seemingly whispering, “Welcome Good Samaritan, welcome to my new found home”.

The Government of Kenya founded Kabete Children’s Remand Home in 1957 with the main objective of providing safe custody, rehabilitation and integration. The children home Manager is Ms. Caroline Towett deputized by Mr. J. Maina. It has a capacity of about 100 children aged between 7 to17 years with a staff of 20 members. There are categories of children in the home namely care and protection and the children in conflict with law.

Care and Protection is a category of children who have been abandoned, lost and found or those who are suffering from mistreatment by irresponsible parents/guardians. Children in Conflict with Law is comprised of lawbreakers that deserve punitive court measures such as murder cases, rape and thefts. In both cases, the custodial period is dependent on the court ruling whereby the institution has no power on authority to exit.


Standing across Lower Kabete perimeter fence and directly facing the magnificent new hall, the Remand Home keeps haunting minds of many. It was out of this that the SMU Manager in collaboration with section heads sensitised staff on corporate social responsibility. The members of staff from Lower Kabete SMU responded positively to the call and hence they donated different types of gifts such as foodstuffs, money, clothing and books. This gesture made the management of the SMU proud of their philanthropic action.

The staff members visiting the Children’s home, equipped with the gifts, received a warm welcome from Mr. Maina on behalf of the center Manager, Ms. Caroline who was away on official assignments. For once the atmosphere was filled with a jovial mood of hope as the children responded with smiles and happiness written all over their faces.

Mr. Maina gave a brief history of the institution. The Lower Kabete SMU, Halls Officer, Mr. Calistus Matandiko and the Manager Mrs. Stella Okemwa encourage the children as they presented the donations to them. In her speech, Mrs. Okemwa sent a message of hope to the little yearning souls characterized by her songs and Bible quotes. She appealed to those present to be mindful of the less fortunate members of the socity through participation in such a noble cause and not only to the Remand Home, but also to the surrounding Children’s Homes like the Approved School, Getathuru Children’s Home and Nairobi Children’s Home.


A parting message from the Manager of Kabete Children’s Home Ms. Caroline: “An institution cannot replace a family. Parents should protect and care for their children as responsible citizens”.



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