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            LOWER KABETE SMU

This unit is situated at Lower Kabete Campus 12 kilometers from the Main Campus next to the Kenya Institute of Administration. It comprises Kapenguria Hall, Lodwar, Malindi, Masaku, Narok, Maseno, Sagana, Kajiado, Kiang’ombe, Jogoo, Blocks A – K and Kitchen. It houses students in the School of Business and Law.

The Staff in the SMU are:

The Manager is;

Dr. Duncan O. Elly

The manager is assisted by thefollowing officers to mange the Unit


            Mrs. Mwangi Lucy Wairimu - Halls Officer, Lower Kabete SMU

Gladys Wachaga- SMU Accountant

Nyariki N Kennedy - Catering Officer


Lower Kabete Catering Section is headed by;

Nyariki N Kennedy - Catering Officer

The Catering Officer is assisted by;

Kinuthia W Winnie - Assistant Catering Officer

Wanjau W Zipporah - Head Cook

Muthee M Beatrice - Head Cook

Kangih M George - Cook

Ngare W Jane - Cook

Maina K Margaret - Cook

Mr Joshua Wilfred M - Cook

Shikami Julius - Cook

Siburia M John - Cook

Maturu James - Dinning Hall Checker

Bisaho A Solomon - Dinning Hall Attendant

Susan W Ruth - Kitchen Assistant


Lower Kabete SMU Finance section is heded by;

Gladys Wachaga- SMU Accountant

Geoffrey Wamahiu Muriithi - Acounts Clerk

Joseph Mwika Ngeera - Cashier


Lower Kabete Halls Section is headed by;

          Mrs. Mwangi Lucy Wairimu - Halls Officer

The Halls Officer is assisted by the following members of staff;

Oyuko R A Lavender - Assistank Halls Officer

Oyugi George - Halls Assistant

Musembi M Faith - Halls Assistant

Warui M Peter - Custodian

Cheburet K Wilson - Custodian

Kilungya Faith M - Custodian

Mumbua Difna - Custodian

Mutie M Meshack - Custodian

Karemi Gladys W - Custodian

Omwenga B Dorcas - Custodian

Okayo M Peruce - Custodian

Ashiono M Jacklyne - Custodian

Ogoye A Nancy - Custodian

Radonji A Emma - Custodian

Achola Maurine - Custodian

Tunai Lillian N - Custodian

Makena Mary G - Custodian

Masai Z Anderson - Custodian

Kibue K Cyrus - Security Officer

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